The Benefits of Single Sourcing

Meet the Team: Adrian Sewell
April 10, 2017

In these challenging economic times most organisations are under pressure to keep tighter control of their costs. Whilst the regular review and cost analysis of suppliers can identify potential savings, a single source supplier strategy can offer considerable competitive advantages. Not only can substantial savings be made in the cost of both time and management required to oversee multiple supplier relationships, by reducing the complexity of your supply chain a business can benefit from one main point of contact improving workflow, driving efficiencies and resolving issues more quickly.

Our team of experts look at all areas of costs and expenditure and can help you to work smarter and improve your company’s profitability. Your organisation is unique, so we will provide a tailored solution that will meet your core requirements.

We can help you to reduce costs by:

  • Carrying out an internal audit looking at your current requirements
  • Creating a new contract price list matching what you buy in your business
  • Streamlining your ordering and delivery process
  • Consolidating your supplier base across multiple products and services
  • Giving you control and visibility with tailored management reports and one monthly invoice
  • Reducing consumption through bespoke customer catalogues and a standardised ordering process
  • Continuing to work with you for the lifetime of your contract carrying out regular account reviews, offering you product alternatives, and ensuring cost savings are identified and realised

We have a wide portfolio of competitively priced products and services and can offer you a single source solution for all your business requirements.

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