Queens Cross Housing Association
August 25, 2016

“The service has been outstanding and the quality of the products is good. We’ve never had a single complaint, only ever praise for HousingTeam.”

– Admin Officer, Gateshead Housing

The Challenge

Gateshead Housing is funded by Gateshead Council. This funding underpins the wide range of services Gateshead Housing provides for residents, as well as being used to purchase essential office supplies. To make sure these funds contribute to delivering the best possible service for residents, at the most affordable price, Gateshead Housing strives to achieve value for money when purchasing back-office supplies such as stationery.

In addition to value, service is vital for Gateshead Housing. The organisation has 300 employees across six sites. However, these small sites have no stock holding capacity. With so many employees to keep equipped, Gateshead Housing requires a responsive supplier who will deliver goods swiftly upon order.

With the previous supplier, Gateshead Housing’s employees had experienced long delays on deliveries with no account management or customer services support.

Our Solution

We appointed a local HousingTeam Account Manager based just minutes from Gateshead Housing’s Head Office, where the contract manager is based. To demonstrate how we could help maximise the value of its Council funding, we audited the organisation’s past purchasing data and presented the savings we could offer against its core requirements.

We integrated with Gateshead Housing’s online ordering platform using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to facilitate the smooth exchange of purchase orders and invoices between our two organisations. We set up custom workflows within the system, whereby all orders are routed through the contract manager for approval before being released to pick. This provides central control of costs, giving the contract manager an opportunity to query – and even reject – any unexpected or excessive orders. The portal is also linked to our sophisticated reporting suite, allowing authorised users to generate reports in real time, enabling full visibility of costs and savings.

Now, all six sites can order from us via the online ordering tool, with next day delivery on all core items, regardless of the site’s size or function. This rapid service keeps Gateshead Housing’s staff equipped for their roles, without necessitating any stock holding.

Our responsive delivery service is coupled with a hands-on approach to contract management. The local Account Manager regularly visits Gateshead Housing’s sites and calls the contract manager on a monthly basis to discuss the performance of the service and any emerging requirements. The core list is regularly reviewed to identify any further savings that can be achieved on these regularly ordered products.

Gateshead Housing’s employees have commented positively on the quality of products and reliability of the service overall.

Who is Gateshead Housing?

Working with Gateshead Council, Gateshead Housing is a non-profit organisation responsible for the day-to-day management of nearly 20,000 homes. The housing company provides dozens of services for tenants and leaseholders from helping them to budget rent payments to carrying out repairs on homes.