HouseTeam believes Corporate and Social Responsibility is integral to every company. This is why we actively promote environmental, social and economic issues through our business operations. In doing this, we aim to inform and enrich the communities and environment our customers and staff are part of.

Environmentally Smart Solutions

At HousingTeam we’re dedicated to helping our customers work more intelligently and, more often than not, the changes they make have environmentally positive outcomes. Whether it’s consolidating a supply chain and eliminating unnecessary consumption, providing a greener print solution or reducing the number of deliveries you need, much of our expertise is both good for your business and good for the environment.

Lending a helping hand

HousingTeam is committed to working in partnership with our customers to build a sustainable future, reducing the impact we all have on the environment and taking our corporate and social responsibilities seriously. We provide customers with a range of innovative, manageable environmental initiatives and recycling schemes, which we also practise ourselves.

Our award winning range of environmental initiatives and recycling schemes include:

  • Close the Loop paper recycling scheme
  • Packaging Back
  • Toner cartridge collection and recycling
  • Battery collection and recycling
  • Furniture collection and recycling
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (W.E.E.E.) product collection & destruction

Everything we talk about and offer, we practise ourselves through our own internal initiatives.

For further information visit CSR and Environment