We have over five million sq.ft. of highly secure, flood proof, temperature and humidity monitored data storage space. 

Information is your organisation’s lifeblood and it’s important to keep it safe and accessible when you no longer need it on site. You may also be required by law, as well as professional bodies, to keep certain documents and records for a specified period of time.

Expect more

From basic storage to comprehensive, compliance-based document management programmes, we can help.

We offer:

  • Secure Storage
  • Secure Confidential Destruction
  • Digitisation and Automation

Our Data Archive team are experts in providing the complete storage, scanning and shredding solution to suit your organisation. We will work with you to provide a fully customised, cost effective solution that meets your business requirements.

Our service standards lead the industry and we regularly provide cost savings of up to 35% compared to existing arrangements.