HousingTeam, part of the OfficeTeam Group, has local branches all over the UK providing customers with a fast, responsive delivery service, no matter where they are located.

HousingTeam has moved away from the industry standard of a centralised logistics infrastructure and established three Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) and a 20 Local Distribution Centres (LDCs).

Why? Because it means we can offer:

  • Later order  cut off times
  • A more local feel to our service
  • A more responsive approach by holding fast moving lines and business-critical items closer to your sites
  • Locally based account teams to deal with queries quickly and efficientlyLater order cut off times

Local offices provide local support and local stocking points.

At HouseTeam we’re experts in coming up with new and better ways to help our customers and that philosophy is reflected in everything we do. Because our delivery service is operated in-house, we can offer a ‘direct-to-desk’ service, whereby we will deliver to a highly specific location, as stated by you

Expect more: We have our own fleet of over 155 low emission, green fuel vans and use intelligent vehicle management software to reduce time on the road, cut CO2 emissions and provide real-time order trackability and accurate delivery times.